Pros And Cons Of Using A Person As An Alibi

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When you've been charged criminally, a local criminal defense lawyer will be a key ally to help build a defense to your charges. One of the most helpful elements of any defense is a good alibi, which can come in a variety of forms. You may want to use a person as an alibi if you were with this individual at the time of the alleged crime. Here are some pros and cons of using a person as your alibi.

Pro: He/She May Have No Reason To Lie

The helpfulness of the alibi can depend on your relationship with the person. If the person is someone who is close to you, the prosecution may cast doubt on this person's statements and suggest that he or she is lying for you. However, a person who doesn't have a close relationship with you can often be an ideal alibi because he or she would have no reason to lie. For example, if you were at a chiropractic appointment at the time of the offense, it's unlikely that your chiropractor would risk a perjury charge by lying for you — and this can make him or her good for your alibi.

Con: He/She May Be Inconsistent

One of the biggest challenges that you can face with using a person as an alibi is that he or she may lack consistency. The prosecution will ask the person several questions, including many that are the same but that are asked in different ways, in an effort to get the person to make contradictory statements. It doesn't take much for a skilled prosecutor to make a person sound inconsistent and thus unreliable as your alibi.

Pro: He/She May Be Highly Believable

While someone who lacks credibility won't make for a good alibi in your criminal defense case, it's possible that the person you select is someone who is highly believable. Some people appear more believable than others, and your alibi may be something who speaks clearly and decisively and doesn't get riled up when questioned. Such an individual can be a positive difference maker for your case.

Con: He/She Doesn't Provide 100 Percent Certainty

Technological means can also help your alibi, and will cast no doubt on your whereabouts. For example, if you state that you were in a certain location, a good person can bolster your alibi. However, what he or she says will never be as believable as something such as video surveillance of you at the location.

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