3 Things To Do After Your Arrest For A Drug Offense

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If you've been arrested for drug-related offenses, there are a few things you should do after your arrest. Doing these things will promote a favorable outcome to your case and lessen the effects of your arrest on other aspects of your life, like your career and relationships with friends and family members. 

1. Keep Your Story to Yourself

It can be tempting to want to tell everyone your version of the events leading up to your arrest, either in hopes of clearing your name or explaining yourself; however, its important to remember that everything you say can make it back to law enforcement. Or, your loved ones may be called as witnesses in your care. The only person that you should discuss your story with is your attorney. Steer clear of in-person discussions as well as conversations on social media.

Your attorney can use information about your case to develop a legal defense for the charges against you and help you determine what your next course of action should be. For example, if you are arrested for drug possession but the authorities didn't follow the correct procedures when searching for the drugs, your attorney can use this fact to argue that the search wasn't legal. 

2. Hire a Drug Offense Lawyer

Depending on the charges against you, you may be facing probation, fines, or jail time. It's important to hire a lawyer with experience defending drug-related cases. 

If your case goes to court, your lawyer will develop your defense and produce evidence to help prove your innocence. A lawyer will identify any details relating to your arrest that are problematic and can assist with your defense.

In some cases, it may be better to accept a plea bargain. A plea bargain means that you agree to plea guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. Your lawyer will discuss the benefits of accepting the plea bargain, such as minimizing your chances of being sentenced to a lengthy jail sentence.

3. Decide If You Need to Go to Rehab

You may have concerns about the implications of the arrest on your personal life. One way to mitigate these effects is to go to rehab. Not only will rehab help with any drug addictions, but it will demonstrate that you are trying to change your behavior. 

If you're worried that your arrest will hurt your career, time in rehab proves that you are trying to gain control over your drug use. In some cases, going to rehab can also positively influence your sentence if you're found guilty of the charges against you.

The judge takes into account multiple details when handing down a sentence, including whether they believe you're likely to re-offend. Rehab can demonstrate that you're trying to change your life for the better. Contact a lawyer, like Angela L Walker PC, for more help.

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