Accused of Child Abuse and Neglect by a Former Spouse? Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

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If your ex-spouse wrongfully accuses you of child abuse and neglect and you have not actually harmed your children, this is especially hurtful to you and to the children. It means that Child Protective Services, the police, and even juvenile courts will get involved with your life and the lives of your children and rip things apart.

Meanwhile, the children are usually forced to stay with your ex, and you will probably be forced to pay child support because the children will not be allowed to stay with you until a lengthy investigation has been completed and you are cleared. By then, the damage is done; the schools know, and they will be watching you like a hawk until your children graduate, even if you are innocent. Nothing can clear up this mess, short of hiring a criminal defense attorney who can abbreviate the length of trial and investigation. Here is how the attorney can help. 

Court Dates Happen Sooner

Juvenile court, which is probably where your case will be heard because of the presumed safety issues for your children, often has really long wait times for cases to be heard. If you have a lawyer, that lawyer can push for sooner hearing dates so that you can be reunited with your children faster. They are right in the middle of this mess, and the younger they are, the harder it is for them. You want shorter wait times for hearings, and your criminal lawyer can push those earlier hearing dates through. 

Your Lawyer Can Uncover the Truth

Often, a parent that accuses the other parent (post-divorce) of abuse and negligence has alternative motives in mind. He or she may need money and sees a way to get it when he or she can get full custody of the children and get the money from you. It may also be a retaliatory thing, where he or she wants to punish and hurt you, and taking the kids from you is what he or she thinks will hurt you the most. Whatever the motive, your criminal defense lawyer can prove that you are innocent of these charges and then attempt to prove the suspected motive by digging up financial records or damning emails. 

Suing to Clear Your Name

Once your lawyer has proven you innocent of the heinous charges your ex accused you of, you can sue to clear your name. This includes clearing any and all public records of the incident, suing your ex for pain and suffering (including financial pain and suffering), and sending letters to your children's schools to prove that you have been cleared of any wrongdoing your ex accused you of. It is a difficult step, but one worth taking when your integrity as a parent is at stake. 

Contact law firms like Glen Albright Law to find a criminal defense attorney who can help you.

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