Did You Continue A Sexual Relationship With A Minor After You Found Out They Lied About Their Age? Get A Lawyer Fast

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Meeting people online is a great way to make connections and new dating opportunities, but if you met a minor and continued to pursue the relationship illegally, you need to get a lawyer. If at first you were deceived by the teen and how old they were, but then they came clean and you still had sexual relations, you committed a crime.

A sex misconduct attorney can offer representation in a situation like this. Here is the information that you need to provide for the attorney.

Details of How You Met

Give the most accurate details of how you met the minor. Information to provide the attorney includes:

  • The social media application you used
  • Evidence of your conversations, if possible, stating you were lied to
  • Meeting location for the first in-person interaction
  • Text message exchanges

All of the history that you have is beneficial for the lawyer because they need to evaluate what type of charges you will be facing.

When You Found Out the Relationship Was Illegal

Disclose when you realized that the person was a minor. If this was when you first saw them in person or at some point after you had already had a sexual relationship, this is also important information for the lawyer. They may use this for your case since you were engaging at first because you thought they were of age.

Plea Deal Possibilities and Options

If you are worried that the minor is going to come after you, you may want to come clean and try to make a plea deal. If your lawyer gets ahead of the case, reaches out to the family and a judge to explain you thought they were of age; this may be the best way to get the least amount of charges. The lawyer will evaluate your case and determine if a plea could be possible.

You don't want to end up with charges for sexual misconduct, exploiting a minor, or even rape. If you fear that you are going to go to jail because of the sexual relationship you had with the minor, you want to get representation ahead of time so that you aren't sitting in jail trying to figure out how to deal with the case. People make mistakes, but you don't want your mistake to end up following you around for decades, so get a lawyer to start working on the case right away.

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