Is Parenting Mediation Right For You?

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Mediation has become the go-to for all sorts of legal situations for a good reason. This way of working things out is less acrimonious than having issues resolved in court. When it comes to contentious issues, few rival those having to do with minor-aged children. Mediation that tends to focus mainly on child-centered issues is emerging as a way for parents to ensure the health and well-being of their child while obtaining a fair result in regard to custody and visitation. Read on and learn more.

Get Mediation Services From a Professional

Parents that can agree on child custody matters can skip this step. Mediation may be ordered by the judge or it can be suggested by the attorneys as a way to settle things outside of court. Mediators, who are often trained in mediation techniques but are not necessarily lawyers, lead the parties through issues using a process. If and when the parties agree on custody matters, the lawyers get it down on paper and both parties sign it. If the judge approves of the agreement, it gets turned into an order and becomes part of the divorce.

How Does Mediation Work?

A series of meetings are held. Some matters can be resolved in a few hours but mediation can take several sessions. The mediator usually meets with both parties and a discussion of the issues follows. That allows the mediator to become familiar with the issues. In some cases, each side gets the opportunity to present their opinions just like in court. Then, the parties break up into two groups in two different rooms. The mediator will go from group to group trying to bring the parties closer together in an agreement on each individual issue.

How to Cope With Mediation

Before you can assert your rights in regard to custody matters, you need to know what they are. Your lawyer is the perfect person to consult and find out what the judge might do if mediation doesn't work. They know the law and they can advise you on what to do during mediation. Child custody matters tend to be resolved by placing the health and well-being of the child above all else. Stay in contact with your lawyer during mediation and never agree to anything without consulting with them first. They know a fair custody agreement when they see one.

More and more lawyers use and abide by mediation so they understand how effective it can be. Find out more by speaking to your divorce attorney.

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