Key Pieces Of Evidence Used To Prosecute OWI Suspects And How To Challenge Their Use In Court

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Law enforcers use different pieces of evidence to prove OWI (operating while intoxicated) cases. Such information helps judges determine the intoxicants the suspect had taken and their concentration percentage. This also enables the jury to make informed decisions when delivering their judgment. However, it is important to note that an OWI lawyer can successfully challenge the evidence the police plan to use in court. This may convince the judge to throw out the evidence, which could lead to a dismissal of your case. They will particularly help you dispute the use of the following evidence.

Test Results 

Drivers engage in certain behaviors that make them appear intoxicated. For example, they drive recklessly or exceed the recommended speed limit. Some motorists also appear drunk after taking prescription drugs. These issues make the police suspect that the driver was intoxicated. Therefore, they ask the suspects to take tests to confirm their suspicion. The police then use the test results to prove that the driver was intoxicated during the arrest.

However, it is important to note that several factors may cause errors and inaccurate readings. Therefore, there's a possibility that your tests may have produced positive results even if you were not intoxicated. Your lawyer can order another test to determine whether the results the police plan to use are accurate. If the other test produces a negative result, your attorney will use them to challenge your charges. In such an occurrence, they will request the judge to disallow the police to use their test results as evidence. Ultimately, this will weaken their case against you, and you might get a lenient judgment.

Your Statement

The police will take advantage of the available evidence to help them strengthen their case. That includes the statements you utter when the officers stop you for OWI. As such, remaining silent is the best way to avoid sharing incriminating information. You also need to consult your attorney when the police ask you questions. They will advise you on what to say and avoid saying when responding to the officers. Most importantly, they will ask you not to admit that you had taken intoxicants before you started driving. Your lawyer will also ask you to cooperate with the officers because hostile or violent actions may worsen your situation. 

Judges rely on the evidence the prosecuting officer presents when delivering judgment for OWI cases. Unfortunately, some of the information the police present in court may be incorrect. That is why it is advisable to hire an OWI attorney to evaluate and challenge the use of incorrect information when the police arrest you for OWI.

Contact a local OWI lawyer to learn more. 

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