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Defending My Innocence After I was with some people who robbed a store, I was placed in a really bad situation. I was being accused of committing the bulk of the crime, but I knew I was innocent. I started working with a criminal attorney for help, and it was the difference I needed to prove my innocence. I decided to start a new blog that centered around defending yourself, because whether you like it or not, it may be necessary from time to time. Check out these posts for great information on working with lawyers when you need to fight for your rights in court.

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Did You Continue A Sexual Relationship With A Minor After You Found Out They Lied About Their Age? Get A Lawyer Fast

Meeting people online is a great way to make connections and new dating opportunities, but if you met a minor and continued to pursue the relationship illegally, you need

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The Basics Of Appeals And Personal Injury Decisions

When it comes to a personal injury case that has gone to court, you probably assume that the judge's determination is final, whether you have a bench or jury trial. Eithe

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DUI Prevention: Tips And Considerations

Virtually nothing is more feared by any driver than getting charged with driving under the influence, or DUI. The penalties for being convicted of a DUI can be quite seve

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Accused of Child Abuse and Neglect by a Former Spouse? Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If your ex-spouse wrongfully accuses you of child abuse and neglect and you have not actually harmed your children, this is especially hurtful to you and to the children.