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The Basics Of Appeals And Personal Injury Decisions

When it comes to a personal injury case that has gone to court, you probably assume that the judge's determination is final, whether you have a bench or jury trial. Eithe

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DUI Prevention: Tips And Considerations

Virtually nothing is more feared by any driver than getting charged with driving under the influence, or DUI. The penalties for being convicted of a DUI can be quite seve

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Accused of Child Abuse and Neglect by a Former Spouse? Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If your ex-spouse wrongfully accuses you of child abuse and neglect and you have not actually harmed your children, this is especially hurtful to you and to the children.

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3 Things To Do After Your Arrest For A Drug Offense

If you've been arrested for drug-related offenses, there are a few things you should do after your arrest. Doing these things will promote a favorable outcome to your cas

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What To Know About Criminal Sentencing

When a loved has been arrested, it's only natural that you will worry about what could happen to them. Part of the criminal trial process is the sentencing phase that occ

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What Are The Options For Presenting A Criminal Defense?

If you stand accused of committing a crime, you may be wondering exactly how you're going to address the situation. Before you get too involved with a case, here are some

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It May Be Possible To Pursue A Personal Injury Case If You've Delayed Taking Action

Personal injury law is often complex and difficult for the average person to understand. Not only that, laws vary by state so you can't always evaluate your case by a fri

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Does DUI Still Apply If You're In A Self-Driving Car?

Imagine hopping into a car, punching in an address, and letting the car automatically drive to your destination of choice. Sounds like the stuff of science-fiction tales,

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Did You Lose Your Right to Possess A Gun Years Ago Because of an Old Crime?

If you were involved in a crime years ago and you were restricted the right to carry a firearm as a result, you should contact a lawyer. If you think that you can have th

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4 Tips To Prepare For Your Consultation With A Criminal Lawyer

If you were recently charged with a crime, you likely feel nervous and worried. You may even lie awake at night wondering if you will have to go to jail or not. Dealing w